What’s the difference between job and work?

Job уонна “Work” диэн тыллар

туох уратылаахтарый?


          “Job” уонна “Work” диэн тыллар “үлэ” диэн суолталаахтар. Аангылыйа тылыгар кинилэр араас түгэннэргэ туттуллаллар. Ону бу быраабыланы аахтаххына билиэҕиҥ.



* Job is a regular activity that you do; an occupation, a profession.


* You receive money for this activity.


* Job is a regular NOUN.



* The word work is more general than job. Work refers to the activities done to accomplish a goal.


* Work can be done both inside an official job and outside a job.


* Work can be a verb and an UNCOUNTABLE NOUN.



The Work and The Job



Examples / Холобурдар                                                                                                                               

* Do you have a full time JOB?


* I love my JOB. I help people become fluent in English!


Incorrect: Do you have a full time work?

* I WORK from 8:00 until 5:00 today.


* I have some WORK to do in the garden.


Incorrect: I have 3 works to do in the garden.